PCA Challenge

Objective – win and score from a PCA

  1. 5 v 5 (or 4 v 4).
  2. Every free hit is a penalty corner to the attacking side.
  3. They have ten seconds from the moment the whistle goes to inject, trap and score a penalty corner (this keeps the pace and intensity of the game).
  4. All goals, including open play count.
  5. No defenders for penalty corners.
  1. Use scenarios to prompt creative thinking.
  2. Time Out; give each team five minutes to practice their corner attack between sections of the game. During the Time Out challenge the players to come up with;
    1. A penalty corner that they would use to win the Olympic Final
    2. The most experimental corner that they can think of (or phrase this as the penalty corner most likely to confuse the defenders)
    3. A penalty corner that involves the most players
    4. A penalty corner where they score from as close top the goal as possible
    1. After a penalty corner either the defending side starts with the ball on their own baseline,
    2. play on as soon as the shot has been taken, with both teams having to start on the circle edge and react to rebounds.
    1. Every different corner scores one point, to encourage players to experiment with new corners
    2. Score from rebound 2 goals
    3. Score from deflection 3 goals

      Penalty Corner Attacking Challenge