Passing thro’ the #10/screens

Objective – Getting the ball through/to the screens or #10


Objective is for each team to score by passing through their midfielders (they are agnostic)

  1. 2 teams of 4 – 2 in each zone
  2. 1 midfielder who is a central zone to start
  3. The ball starts with the GK to the defenders
  4. The defenders are looking to connect with the midfielder
  5. As soon as the midfielder gets the ball they attack the goal creating a 3v2 – IF there is a shot then the coach plays in second ball
  6. If the defenders win the ball then they play into their own attacking players
  7. Swop midfielders as and when


  1. Red player can ONLY receive in the central zone
  2. 2nd ball has a shot clock


  1. Normal
  2. Deflections – 2 goals
  3. One touch – 3 goals
  1. Movement off the ball
  2. Defenders to block line to goal (and midfielders)
  3. Watch the angles
  4. Move to recieve
  5. Deflections
  6. Interception
  7. Continual scanning
  8. Combination play – when to go vertical vs horizontal
      1. Any infraction coach throws new ball in
      1. Allow defenders to challenge the midfielder
      2. If they challenge too early then defender can play direct to CF BUT they must play back to the midfielder before they can attack
      3. 5 balls each to encourage retention
      4. One touch
      5. Add players