Pass/Receive Under Pressure

  1. 2 players have to try and pass the ball to each other.
  2. The other 2 players have to close down the player on the ball.
  3. The defenders can tackle and intercept.
  4. The attackers can move anywhere along the line.
  5. Start with 1/8 of pitch and slowly make smaller
    1. The two defenders communicate and play off of each other
    2. Forwards should try and stop the defenders dictating the play by moving the ball quickly
    3. Forward should move left to right fast
    4. Dummy passing
    1. Swop defenders and attackers when ball is lost
    1. Reduce size of pitch – thinner than 1/16
    2. One touch passing – 5 in 10 secs
    3. Timed

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