Passing & Receiving

Phase 1


12 players, Grid size 15×10. Adjust to number of players. 2 players in each grid

  1. Player 2 – pass through the gate to player 1
  2. Player 1 – 2 touch movement right
  3. Player 2 – receives and passes back to 1


  1. Change direction
  2. 3 touch to 2 touch to 1 touch

Phase 2

Make area bigger

We are now looking at:

  1. Passing and receiving from different angles 
  2. Different pace
  3. Different runs

Coaching points:

  1. Body position
  2. Weight of the pass
  3. First touch or 2 touch pass
  4. Timing of  the pass
  5. Timed runs
  6. Placement of the pass


Different passing patterns, Rotate players in the middle

Phase 3

4 corner game

  1. Players play even numbers inside and try to play into every corner after a few successful passes in the middle.
  2. Every time they pass into corner player they get a point
  3. Rotate


  1. First team to score in every corner wins
  2. Play 2 RED & YELLOW in corners and ask players to look for their colour only
  3. Allow corner players RED & YELLOW to switch positions during the game

6v6 SSG

  1. Size of the field 30×45 – 4 goals
  2. During this game we will recreate passing patterns that we have used in previous exercises
  3. Force them to use 1st touch to set themselves up for next move  – pass or dribble, change of direction
  4. No restrictions unless they take too many touches 

With thanks to: Zibby Piatkiewicz, Canada – this was converted from a football session