Pass to go forward

Objective – teaching runaway goals



  1. Red play in teams of 3 starting different side each time
  2. Red begins with the ball at the half-way line on an inside channel.
  3. Defenders Green begin in centre of 23.
  4. Red outlets ball and attacks D
  5. A point is scored by the attackers for scoring


  1. Greens must jump back (run back into D and then defend 3 on 3)
  2. If defenders gain possession they can dribble to either grey box to score the points


  1. 10 balls then out – KEEP SCORE
  2. If attackers regain possession game continues
  3. Once defenders have defended 3 times swap to be attackers
  1. The quality of the pass is critical. Pass should lead the receiver with good ball speed, so they can accelerate onto (or with) the ball and maintain the positional advantage over the defender.
  2. Receiver’s feet should be facing forward (pointing towards the goal on both sides.
    This will allow them to accelerate quickly with the ball to cut off the defender.
  3. Receiver should alternate which side they receive the ball on so they can shoot as quick as possible
  4. Recovering defenders work to get into tackling position OR try to pressure the attacker into taking a shot from a wider angle.
  5. Remember defensive principles
  1. Over the side or back line = reset
  2. Goal either way reset
  3. Minor infractions ignore
  1. Add an attacking or defending overload
  2. Ball must be played by all attackers before they can shoot
  3. Force a pivot