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One touch shooting

  1. Shooter starts just outside the circle with back facing the goal.
  2. Ball fed into D from top – alternating to left or right – NOTE shooter can see where it is going
  3. Shooter attacks goal and is only allowed a 1 touch shot
  4. CHANGEIT – Shooter faces goal so cannot see the ball


  1. Add 4 cones in D in square shape
  2. Players on each cone
  3. Ball thrown to opposing cone and player has to swop sides and shoot
  4. Players revolve


  1. Each attacker to keep their own score – make it a competition

NOTE: Can have 2 lanes one left and one right to speed things up and put pressure on keeper

Inside the circle there is very little time to take extra touches to control the ball. The aim is to train the shooter to adjust footwork to get in position to shoot (instead of adjusting ball position).


  1. Good for small nos (can be boring if standing around) 
  2. Can be drill like if not done fast and/or progression added

Focus points

  1. Move feet (footwork) to ensure balance to strike
  2. Shooter should try to shoot for the far side-board (unless he sees GK out of position.)

Keeper objectives

  1. Keeper judges his angles
  2. Moves left and right v v fast
  3. Clears the circle
  1. On completion of each strike attacker goes to back of queue
  2. Move ball input left and right so they came into D from different angles


  1. Time constraint – 10 secs to score
  2. Add Defender – starts from one side of goal – allowed out as soon as ball is thrown
  1. Can the shooter react quickly
  2. Does he adjust body and feet to strike
  3. Does he do adjusts on the move

NOTE – Even though shooter is releasing a quick shot, he should still hit the target 75% of the time.