Offset Goals

Objective – score as much as possible

  1. 5 or 6 players per side works well in this game.
  2. Create a pitch with 2 offset goals and Ds.
  3. The position of the goals provides more opportunities to practise attacking (and defending) the left hand baseline.
  4. Three points per goal and one point per penalty corner.
  5. Can also do it with the pitch offset in reverse.
  6. Take long corners from the halfway line
  1. Share the advantage of having one goalie by giving teams the chance to attack both ends of the pitch.
  2. To encourage everyone to be involved in both attack and defence make each players first goal worth double.

Coach feeds new ball

  1. Given the need to set up the pitch carefully it will take careful planning to switch from a left to a right hand side offset in one session, but it does lead to interesting comparison around which side is easier to attack or defend.

Offset Goals