Nutmeg #3

Objective – teach how to defend feet/dribbling the ball


The aim is to get the ball between your partners feet

  1. Each player must keep moving
  2. You are not allowed to stand with your feet together
  3. You are not allowed more than 2m from the attacker
  4. No smashing the ball hard
  5. Count each time you get it through


  1. Can you beat your own highest score?
  2. What gives you the best chance of scoring points?
  3. Do you always hold the stick in the same way?
  4. Who is hardest to play against? And why?
  5. What does it look like when someone is playing well?
  1. Keep the ball and stick in contact as much as possible
  2. This game is about
    1. close control
    2. staying on the move and
    3. being aware of other players.
  3. Make sure right hand low down the stick, knees are bent and back is straight
  4. Critical to stay on the move in hockey

20 secs and restart 

  1. Add more players, say 3 – 2 with ball or only one with ball choose the partner
  2. Make it into a warm up game where everyone say in the d can put it through other people
  3. Add a point for hitting their feet as well