Marking & Receiving Under Pressure

Objective – practise effective marking and receiving under pressure

  1. Similar to piggy in the middle but here you have a attacker and defender in the triangle
  2. The attackers (blues) have 2 balls that they are looking to get to the central player who must pass it to the “free” player
  3. The red player is trying to intercept or tackle the opponent.
  4. Goals are scored when:
  5. Received successfully
  6. Passed back successfully
  7. Swop out if the red player gets the ball (either with player in the triangle or with corner player)
  8. Restrict games to 2 mins as hard work

Vary the pitch size by the age and skills of the players

  1. Marking – Look for balance between interceptions and eliminations as it is a judgement which way to go
  2. Sideways on to the attacker and the passer gives vision
  3. Low body position and experimenting with body contact
  4. Blocking attacker’s runs
  5. IFIT
  1. Restart if ball is over the edge but no transgression by attacker
  1. Have only one ball on the outside, but allow players on the outside to play a pass to each other before feeding into the middle. This encourages leading and re-leading. The defender must work hard to cover quick passes and re-leading into space.
  2. Allow bounce passes back to the player that passed the ball into the triangle (with the aim still to get that ball to another point in the triangle.)
  3. Use a square rather than a triangle.