Lion attack #4

Objective – learn to tackle/run to space

  1. Select a defined area and load it with “lions”
  2. Select 1 (or more) players to be lions
  3. All other players get a ball and stand inside defined area
  4. Lions have to tackle and knock out of the area as many balls as poss
  5. Do this for a minute and reset
  6. Tackled players can run and get a new ball from the pile

At breaks in play ask players to share the skills they use to avoid lions and give everyone time to practise them.

Challenge players to show their skills to each other

  1. What makes a great tackle?
  2. Why is tackling important?
  3. How can you work with someone else to tackle a player with the ball?
  4. What does clean tackle look like?
  5. What is the best plan to escape the lions?

Focus on

  1. Close players down quickly
  2. 2 handed tackling
  3. Get low and using the full length of the stick to tackle.
  4. Scan

Change the Lions

  1. Increase or decrease the number of lions to change the game.
  2. Give half of the players yellow balls and half white balls. Call out which colour balls are worth double points during the game.

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