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Leading Into Space

Objective – learning to lead

  1. 5v3 the aim is to get the attackers to offer up leads wherever they can
  2. Ball goes from attacker in the starting zone to cross pitch attackers
  3. In the meantime the other 3 attackers come out to “offer up”
  4. The 3 defenders now need to decide how they manage the situation
  5. If defenders win then they have to get ball back into ‘starting area”
  6. The attackers now need to counter press to keep the ball out on pitch

Sub all players continually


  1. Lead into various areas of the pitch
  2. we are looking for height & width 
  3. We are also looking for leading and re-leading
  4. Finally if they lose the ball we are looking for counter pressing


  1. Zonal pressing (soft press)
  2. Closing down passing channels
  3. Protect line2goal
  1. Coach throws new ball in if early in game or reset a new game
  1. Type of scoring
  2. Number of passes before attempt to score