Lead forwards

Objective – practise leading and passing/receiving at a distance

  1. Red player leads and receives a pass from one of the two player represented by a blue dot. Having received the ball the player dribbles into the circle to shoot.
  2. Pass should be 40 metre. 
  3. Start unopposed.
  4. Challenge for the red players is to lead with intensity.
  5. Running around the 3 marker strips prompts the S-shaped leading that is difficult for defenders to track in a game.
  6. It also challenges the player who is leading to time this lead to receive a pass whilst still running at pace.
  7. The two players in blue are to play the ball between each other until they can time a forward pass to one of the players leading.
  8. Both players will get repetition of passing with variation coming from the different leads made by the players in front of them.


  1. The ball always starts with the two blue players.
  2. They must be  passing (so they can start whilst waiting for the next lead).
  3. A great way of scoring the passing is 1 point for each complete pass between the two players on the half way line plus 3 points for every completed connection with a player leading.
  4. Find out which pair of players scores highest during the session.
  1. Ask a forward and defender to pair up and give each other one piece of feedback starting with ‘it makes it harder for me when you… and it makes it easier for me when…’

No need

  1. Make this practise opposed by adding in a defender to start alongside the attacker. The attacker can receive the ball from either blue player (which makes the marking challenge difficult for the defender).
  2. Play 2 v 2. So two players lead to receive the ball. The challenge is still to receive the ball and play towards the goal, but can the two attackers work together?

Forward Leading