Law of the jungle #8

Objective – 

  1. In this game one player (Tiger) chases another player (Gazelle)
  2. Starts with a whistle
  3. Lion has to chase the gazelle and gobble up their ball! 
  4. Gazelle has to get to islands to rest – = one goal (alter island sizes and points)
  5. Use lots of space so can run loads
  6. Have a bunch of balls on the sideline so they can get more

Ball carrying

  1. Left hand at the top of the stick.
  2. Right hand near the base of the grip – this provides more strength.
  3. Higher right hand means a player can run faster and more upright with the ball.
  4. Great dribblers have the stick and the ball in close contact as much as possible.
  5. Running quickly into space is a good way to avoid tacklers.


  1. How do you change your grip or body so that you can run really fast?
  2. What does a great tackle look like?
  3. What makes it difficult for your partner to get the ball?
  4. Who is difficult to tackle and why?
  5. Who is a great tackler and why?

Count scores and change rules and do it again

  1. This is a great game to play in pairs with or without the ball.
  2. Make it team led – each team half of the balls apiece and they have to score points by visiting the islands.
  3. Players without balls need to win one from the opposing team then they can start scoring

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