Island Hopping

Objective – Ball carry and excitement and pressure

  1. Create several islands with “flats”
  2. Provide all players with balls – EXCEPT the catcher
  3. Catchers role is to intercept players going from island to island
  4. If caught they go to the prison island
  5. If coach lands on an island ALL have to leave

Version 2

  1. 5 balls per island
  2. players split into islands
  3. They have to raid the other islands for food (balls!)
  4. Set timescale and then count balls
  5. Gradually reduce or increase balls or players on islands
  1. Pressure on the carriers
  2. 1 o clock ball carry
  1. Reset and change catchers
  1. Increase/decrease time for each island to “invade”
  2. Specify type of carry

Island Hopping