Injury Prevention warmup programme

With the proliferation of injury in younger children I thought it appropriate to have a “Personal exercise programme” (PEP) that reduces the risk of injury – especially knee and ACL.

This is unashamedly copied from this site 

The aim is to:

  1. Strengthen important muscles
  2. Reinforce strong body positions
  3. Improve stability, control and landing
  4. Help prevent knee injuries

1. Warm-up

A. Jog line to line

B. Shuttle run (side to side) 30 sec

C. Backward running 30 sec

2. Strengthening

A. Walking lunges 1 min

B. Russian hamstring 1 min

C. Single toe-raises 1 min

3. Plyometrics

A. Lateral hops 30 sec

B. Forward/backward hops 30 sec

C. Single leg hops 30 sec

D. Vertical jumps 30 sec

E. Scissors jump 30 sec

4. Agilities

A. Forward run with 3 step deceleration 1min

B. Diagonal runs 1min

C. Bounding run 1 min

5. Stretching (can be done at end of training/match)

A. Calf stretch 30 s × 2 reps each

B. Quadricep stretch 30 s × 2 reps each

C. Figure 4 hamstring stretch 30 s × 2 reps each

D. Inner thigh stretch 30 s × 2 reps each

E. Hip flexor stretch 30 s × 2 reps each