Hit To Score

Objective – learning to hit on the fly and follow up

  1. 4 v 4 match.
  2. All goals are worth a minimum of 1 point.
  3. If a rebound/deflection then 2 points
  4. Ds to be as close to the full 15m size to give more opportunities to shoot and hit the ball

Keep score and get players to shout out when they score a point, a double or a treble.

Players’ ability to recognise opportunities to score with a hit and when they have been successful is a great part of this practice.

Keep the games short because the intensity will be high. 5 minute games work well.

  1. Scoring in all its guises
  2. Awareness in the D


  1. Lots of hitting is potentially dangerous.
  2. Reduce the risk by penalising any lifted shot (this also encourages good technique).
  3. Discuss safe places to close down an attacker and be ready to blow a loud whistle if you spot a potentially dangerous situation (don’t wait for someone to get hit!)
  1. All restarts have to go three yards before entering the opposition D.
  2. Take all hit outs from the baseline.
  3. Have plenty of balls ready to keep up the intensity.
  1. Score double points if the ball enters the D from the right hand side (this encourages open stick hitting)
  2. All open stick shots score one point plus points for goals.

Hit To Score