Goals Galore – focus on passing and receiving

Objective – receive/direct to space

  1. Game is a 2v1,3v2 attack
  2. Coach calls numbers of players and defenders have one less
  3. Attackers slap ball to opposing team in opposite corner
  4. Rotate corners that balls slapped from (this encourages different styles of ball receipt)
  5. Attacker posts up to receive
  6. Normal overloads hockey
    1. Post up
    2. First touch, next action
    3. CUES – what is the defender doing – which way should I go
    4. Decision making – where to go
    5. Use the spare player 
    1. Reset when ball goes out
    1. Restrict number of tries per team (each receives gets 5 balls)
    2. Extra goal if good first touch or post up
    3. Score for
      1. CE
      2. Short corner
      3. Strike


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