Goalkeeper Sweeper

Objective – get goalkeepers talking

  1. 4v4 or 5v5 pitch as shown
  2. Goalkeepers are captains and lead the team talk.
  3. A goal counts for three points
  4. Goalkeeper pass in open play (not free hits or restarts) scores one bonus point.

Ask the goalkeepers to have all the balls split between the their two goals for restarts

  1. Directional kicking with saves
  2. Communication
  1. Teams tend to start pressing the goalkeeper more and more as they realise the keeper is playing like an outfielder when their team is in possession.
  2. This stretches out the game and creates space for both teams to play into.
  3. Give a bonus point for outfielders if they intercept a pass from the goalie. This livens up the match!
  1. Keepers start the game with a kick out
  2. Give each team two time outs: Called by the team captain, which give 3 minutes for a team talk so that they can work out a strategy to win the game.
  3. They can choose to use the time outs when they are ahead or behind, or for any other reason.
  1. Goalkeeper left foot, right foot, stick saves/touches are all worth 2 points for the first touch and 1 thereafter.
  2. Ask the Goalkeeper for something that they would like a bonus point for and add that to the scores as well.

Goalkeeper Sweeper