First touch, Next action

Objective – First touch, next action, “On the move”

  1. Box, triangle or any shape you wish
  2. 4 players for box
  3. 3 balls – one less than corners (if young then start with one ball and build)
  4. Aim is to pass to another player on the next corner in 2 touches
    1. Receipt/direct
    2. Pass
  5. To add pressure add balls
  6. To make competitive measure the time around the box or the number of passes in a time
  1. Body shape to receive and move
  2. Stick position and action to move the ball
  1. Normal Hockey
  1. 5 balls each box and once they are gone they are done
  2. Speed and pace of passes
  3. Add balls
  4. Limit types of passes and receipts