Find the high player – breaking the press

Objective – break the lines – find a high player

  1. Setup the pitch, size dependant on number playing
  2. Defending players aim is to break the press and get the ball high ASAP – thus eliminating the defensive midfield
  3. Score by passing the ball to the high player stood in the end zone
  4. If you want to include keepers then add a goal at the end and the player has to beat the keeper
  5. When a point is scored the conceding team get the ball and look to attack in the other direction
  6. When a player scores a point they are removed from the game for 10 seconds (creating an attacking overload) then replace the player in the high zone

See similar on this video

Find the high player - breaking the press


  1. High player first
  2. Stick to stick
  3. Focus on ball retention when no option to go forward presents itself


  1. Prescan so can get high early if free player
  2. Second cue is pass left and right or guard for retention
  3. Speed of attack or pass
  4. High player has to roll and beat the keeper (if you add goals)


  1. Quick press and step on cross
  1. Any infraction coach throws new ball in
  2. Offending team loses ball back to beginning
  1. Time to score
  2. 5 balls each to encourage retention
  3. Add defenders
  4. Players score points by how many lines they can skip on the way to the end zone