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Escape the swamp #2

Objective – Dribbling and running with the ball under pressure

  1. The islanders have to get from their island to the mainland by dribbling a ball from the centre circle (island) out past the edge of the swamp
  2. At the same time “crocodiles” will try and stop their escape by tackling the prisoners and dribbling the ball back to the island.
  3. The game starts with the islander dribbling around the inner circle until the coach shouts “escape” at which point they all make a run for it with their ball.
  4. When a islander is successfully tackled, they become a crocodile.
  5. After each shout of escape the game is reset. The last islander to be tackled wins!

Some thoughts

  1. What do islanders to to make themselves successful?
  2. What does great dribbling look like?
  3. How can you avoid the crocs?
  4. What does good tackling look like?
  5. Try working in pairs?

What do the cros do to be successful

  1. They anticipate where islanders are going to run.
  2. They work as a team.
  3. They close down the space to the islander quickly.
  4. Two handed tackles

Islanders are successful when:

  1. Speed
  2. They keep the ball on the stick so they can change direction.
  3. They scan for space to dribble into once the coach shouts “Escape”.
    1. New game
    1. Go back for more balls
    2. Score number of balls
    3. Time based