Escape From The Grid



  1. Set up a square grid (size dependant on ability of players)
  2. 2 attackers & 4 defenders
  3. 1 attacker passes ball to partner (centre of grid) who then has to score


  1. Defenders cannot intercept ball entry and must try and stop the player coming out to score
  2. Defenders cannot enter the grid until the defender has received the ball.

Note: you can start this game purely as a move the ball left or right to score rather than “taking the ball to score”

  1. The aim is for the attacker to use the first touch to decide where to take the ball
  2. He should identify via “cues what the outsiders are doing and move to position himself to exit the grid the most effectively
  3. If he cannot exit then he must get it back to the other attacker for another try

We are looking for players to recognise cues of where to take or pass the ball.

  1. If the ball recipient cannot exit safely then he should feed back
  2. If he loses the ball on exiting then the defender swops places
  3. If the ball is lost then reset
  1. Make the grid progressively smaller
  2. Only allow 5 balls per attacker and have a scoring system
  3. Motivate trying different locations by giving goals different values