Driving out from Defence 3v2

  1. 3 attackers 2 defenders
  2. Attacker passes to Defender
  3. Defenders need to get out of top of the box 
  4. Defenders try to run and pass the ball under control, out of the area across the 23 metre line
  5. Attackers have to win the ball back and score
  1. Attackers to close defenders and mark spare to generate a 2v1
  2. Stop the defence go forward
  3. Attackers to strike quickly if there is an opportunity
  1. On goal or ball out of the area restart
  1. Narrow the area
  2. Add goals on 23 line to left and right to encourage clearing
  3. Add joker
  4. Add another attacker who passes from higher up pitch
  5. Time based constraints