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Double Team Double Points

Objective – learn do work in pairs or more when tackling

  1. 5v5 match
  2. Goals = 3 points
  3. Open stick tackle = 1 point
  4. Open stick tackle with 2 players = 2 points
  5. Open stick tackle with 3 players = 3 points
  6. Clean tackle defined as winning the ball without hitting the opponent’s stick or either player kicking it.
  7. Keep games short and intense

Note: The smaller the pitch the better as it creates more opportunities for double teaming.

    1. Players to call their scores (as in cricket “howzat” so they focus
    2. This also helps the players’ ability to recognise opportunities to win the ball
    3. Keep the games short because the intensity will be high. 5 minute games work well.
    1. If ball goes off base then start with keeper
    2. If ball starts off sideline then start with sub or coach
    1. Magic Ball (different colour) – when that enters play it is worth 3 x a normal goal.
    2. Increase the points for a tackle.
    3. Double points for tackling within 5 seconds of losing the ball.
    4. Extra points for winning the ball back in the opposition half.

    Double Team Double Points