Double D

Objective – pressure in the D

  1. 2 Ds one on halfway and one in normal space
  2. 5 a side
  3. Exercise starts with a red player starting with the ball and feeding to the red team in the opposite circle.
  4. IF the blue team win the ball and escape the circle, they then can pass to the blue team – unopposed – in the opposite D.
  5. NO PLAYER IS ALLOWED above the orange line – both attacker and defender
  6. Play 5 minute sets and keep score
  7. Can be done without GKS and in a smaller space if needed


  1. 2 for a goal
  2. 1 for a rebound (even if it does not go in)
  3. 1 for a PCA


  1. Aim is to think about where you are filling areas in the D and thinking about shot selection
  2. How are we upgrading in the circle/looking for deflections & rebounds/getting something at goal.
  3. How are we defending our body space/protecting the goal/protecting for rebounds

Additional points:

  • Are the attackers working in a cluster or line?
  • Can you stay in the circle/not clog up channels
Get something at goal Your player doesn’t score
Timing of leading Find your player
Be Low/ Be ready BE brave
  1. Side that did NOT knock the ball out passes to the other team
  1. Each side gets 5 balls so they do not waste it
  2. Timed games 
  3. Load different types of shot choice or scoring locations

Session 7