Diamond defense

  1. Large square with small square in centre.
  2. All players can move anywhere
  3. Attackers score points by making a pass to a team-mate inside the centre box
  4. Only one attacking player in the centre box at one time.
  5. Players pass around the square to create space and angles.
  6. Use cones to register scores

Change defense and attack after 5 mins


  1. Structure your defense to send wide
  2. Dynamically reshape
  3. Instant pressure on ball carrier
  4. Communication
  1. Coach throws new ball in as and when
  1. Create teams  each has 5 balls – how many points
  2. Time – 2 minutes – how many points?
  3. Ad alternative goals 
    1. 1 for pass in
    2. 2 for pass back to same player
    3. 3 for pass back to other player

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