Developing width

WHY? – Encourage players to play wide and pivot

  1. 4v4, 5v4, 6v6, 7 v 7 depending on pitch size
  2. 2 sideline lanes for wingers or halves
  3. Wingers MUST stay in channels – can score from anywhere in their channel (see progression)
  4. Wingers cannot be tackled until the last 10 meters (see shaded area)


    1. In one of the 3 goals
    2. Central goal is 5 goals
    3. Side goals is 1 goal
    1. Generate width
    2. Driving down the line
    3. Pivots
    4. Running with the ball at pace
    5. Encourage cross pitch slap shots (if pitch wide enough)
    1. Normal games so restart but from 16 to encourage outlets
    2. Team replaced when goal is scored (if have lots of teams)


    1. Turn & Burn to encourage faster transitions
    2. Enable all players in lanes with no tackling
    3. Widen pitch
    4. Reduce player nos keep game fast
    5. Remove sideline goals to encourage cross balls