Defensive Jump Back

  1. Reds collect and pass ball from top corner
  2. Once this pass is made, all players are active.
  3. Blue Defenders x 3 start inside the box with one in the D
  4. Blues leave box as soon as Red passes ball
  5. Blues recover and organize to try to prevent Reds from scoring.
  6. If Blues win the ball, they look to make 5 passes to score a point
    1. Speed of defense
    2. Cover the danger lines (Line to goal)
    3. Aggressive and quick movement to put pressure onto attackers
    4. Defense must organise “on the run”
    5. Press attackers into corner
    6. Explode on winning the ball
    7. Communicate
    1. Play out for 1-2 minutes to allow play to flow. Add in midfield numbers as desired.
    2. Game restarts on goal or back line loss
    3. Different red to start each time
    4. Different Blue to start in D each time
    1. 60 secs to score
    2. 5 balls and see which team scores the most
    3. Change position of defensive boxes so recovery is from different places