Defending & Hitting to score

ObjectivesThe GameFocus onTransition/ResetProgression

Explicit Coaching Objectives

  1. Defenders to block tackle
  2. Defenders to jab to delay
  3. Defenders to channel to left and right
  4. Attacker/s to get through

Game makeup

  1. 1 v 1 – attacker vs defender to get to circle (can also do 2v1 BUT make lanes wider)
  2. When in circle attacker to slap/push/hit ball to score (Coach to vary skill technique)
  3. Vary 1 v 1 or 2 v 1 depending on success or skills


  1. Vary number of lanes based on players available
  1. Ball starts with defender
  2. They SLAP HIT to attacker (as though 16!)
  3. Attacker then makes their run (Defender can only start once attacker received)
  4. Defender attempts to stop them
  5. At end of run attacker strikes to score
  6. Once in circle defender cannot interfere “They are gone”


  1. Each attacker to keep their own score

Focus points

  1. Defender block tackle
  2. Attacker 3D
  3. Defender channelling
  4. Attacker hitting instantly in circle

Keeper objectives

  1. Keeper judges his run
  2. Moves left and right v v fast for other lanes
  3. Gets up fast
  4. Clears the circle


  1. On completion of each run attacker and defender are swapped out
  2. If 2 v 1 then rotate attackers and defenders
  3. Move teams up and down so they came into D from different angles


  1. Timed
  2. Vary lane width
  3. 2 v 1 (Depending on numbers)
  4. Type of goal hit
  5. Allow defender to defend in circle as well (to encourage a quick strike)
  6. Add defender from back line once in circle (to encourage a quick strike)