Defending/Clearing the press

Objective – Passing through the lines

  1. Ideally 4v4,5v5 – this is a version of king ball
  2. Game objective is to pass the ball through the defense/press to your high player/s
  3. All players must remain in their zones
  4. When ball is successfully passed through defense then passer goes to end zone
  5. Aim of game is to be the first team to have all your players in the end zone behind opposition
  6. No hitting allowed

NOTE – This game takes time for players to understand the different types of press’

Defenders need to:

  1. Communicate to cover the passing lanes.
  2. Vary position to close down passing angles, or move back to allow more time to react to pass.
  3. Players should be balanced: low center of gravity and weight evenly distributed between left and right feet
  4. Hold stick in body center, with a flexible grip that allowing him to change grip to stop ball either side
  5. React sharply to a lateral pass and reposition immediately
  6. Watch the hitter’s stick movement and get “set”
  7. Look for cues of where the ball is going
  8. React quickly on interception so they can pass the ball immediately, before the other team is setup
  1. When ball leaves pitch then coach throws new one
  2. Game restarts on goal or back line loss
  1. If defenders intercept, they counter-attack quickly and look to score by stopping on the opposite line
  2. 30 secs to score
  3. Change loadings of defenders
  4. Play in a smaller space.
  5. Start with pass coming out of defensive end, so counter-attack can go to goal.
Defending/Clearing the press