Creating space to receive


  1. Attacking – How to create space – relieving the immediate pressure on receipt of the ball
  2. Defending – Marking & putting pressure on ball receipt

Game 1

  1. Feeder looks to pass to Attacker
  2. On receipt attacker gives a wall pass (try and commit the defender)

Game 2

  1. Feeder looks to pass to Attacker
  2. On receipt attacker looks to pass to other player on left or right (again try and commit the defender)

Game 3

  1. Piggy in the middle with both attacker and defender
  2. Ball played in from feeder to attacker
  3. Attacker has to receive and pass the ball across the box (score a point)
  4. If has to do wall pass then no point
  5. If Defender wins the ball then they become the attacker and game goes in other direction


  1. Move away at an angle so the defender follows.
  2. Cut back quickly into the space created, leaving the defender trailing.
  3. Vary speed
  4. Lull the defender
  5. Silent comms where you want the ball – verbal, eye contact, movement.
  6. Variation – attack the space behind the defender.


  1. Put pressure on ball QUICKLY
  2. “Restrain” the attacker
  3. Stay in touch
  4. Anticipate the pass and intercept
  5. Make attackers life uncomfortable
  1. Add new ball if goes out
  1. 5 balls for each attacker
  2. 2 or 3 touches before passing back
  3. Go around a cone left or right (game 3)
  4. Make it 2v2