Creating space to receive

Objective – How to create space – relieving the immediate pressure on receipt of the ball

  1. Piggy in the middle with both attacker and defender
  2. Ball played in from various locations to attacker
  3. Attacker has to receive and pass the ball back (wall pass)
  4. Split your squad into teams of three, one server, one attacker and one defender.
  5. If the defender wins the ball then he becomes the attacker (?)
  1. Move away at an angle so the defender follows.
  2. Cut back quickly into the space created, leaving the defender trailing.
  3. Accelerate into space.
  4. Move too soon or too late to receive the pass and the space might be closed down.
  5. Communication – verbal, eye contact, movement.
  6. Variation – attack the space behind the defender.
  1. Add new ball if goes out
  1. Using the same area, put one server at each corner outside the playing area, with a ball each, the forward must break free of the defender, receive a ball from any server and play it back without losing possession.
  2. 2 or 3 touches before passing back
  3. Make it 2v2





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