Cone bowling #5

Objective – Accurate passes with the correct pace

  1. The aim is to knock over as many cones as possible
  2. Create 2 lines between which the players practise running up to and passing
  3. Players from each team take turns running up to their dashed line and shooting at the cones.
  4. They then run on to get their ball and dribble it back to their setup area 
  5. The next player in the meantime is shooting
  6. Make it a relay so there’s pressure on things
  7. Every cone they knock over is removed from the stack
  8. Once all cones are hit then that team stops
  9. Winner is the first team with all the cones out and all players back in area

Vary the distances to increase or decrease the challenge for different players.

  1. What makes an accurate pass?
  2. How would you coach someone to pass the ball?
  3. How can you speed up as a team?
  4. What part of a hockey match does this look like?
  5. Why is passing important in a game?
  6. Balance speed and accuracy. 

Start sequence again

  1. Increase the distance between the cones and the players based on their age and ability
  2. Before taking a shot challenge players to perform a new skill as they dribble forward.

Game #5 Ten-Pin Bowling