Circle Entry And Score

GameCoaching PointsTransition/ResetProgression

2 v 2 + GK attack the D and try to score


  1. Orange to Red
  2. Orange runs on to receive ball from Red
  3. Orange attacks the D (or passes to fellow player)
  4. Reds defend
  5. If reds win the ball they send out to the next 2 entrants
  6. Aim of the game is to score FAST
  1. Attackers
    1. Exploit the overload
    2. Speed
    3. “Forward first fast”
  2. Defenders
    1. Defenders put pressure on the “go forward”
    2. Defenders channel
    3. Defenders put pressure on the ball
  1. Normal rules
  1. Time to score
  2. 3 points for goal
  3. 2 points for Short corner
  4. 1 point for D penetration

Circle Entry And Score