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Defend the Circle – channel to low value areas

  1. Defender passes the ball to attacker
  2. Attackers attack the D to score
  3. Attackers get points for getting into D and THROUGH high gate
  4. Points are awarded 3,2,1 for each gate as long as goal is scored
  5. The higher the gate the defender goes through the more points
  1. Defenders priority is to stop the player getting through any gates
  2. Then to channel attacker towards sideline
  3. Defending player should avoid getting too close to the attacking player instead “influence
  4. Defender should sprint out as soon as the ball is passed, and slow down when the attacker has the ball under control

Attacker has to move fast, eliminate and score

    1. Attacker becomes defender when ball is lost or goal is scored
    2. Add cone to pile when each person scores – total the team scores
    1. Speed
    2. 2 v 1
    3. Increase or decrease setup distance

    Defend the Circle – channel to low value areas