Bulldog #13

Objective – running with the ball


The object of the game is for one player to attempt to intercept other players who are obliged to dribble from one side to the other

If the player is tackled then then they become another bulldog – winner is last man standing

Some questions

  1. What makes the Bulldogs successful?
  2. What is a good tackle – what does it look?
  3. What happens when you try to tackle with two hands?
  4. Why is it difficult to tackle someone that is running quickly?
  5. How do you avoid the bulldog?
  6. How can you avoid being tagged by a bulldog?
  7. How can working with other people help?
  8. How do your hold your stick to tackle?
  9. What makes the bulldogs more difficult to get past?
  10. How does bulldog link to matches?

Alternative versions

  1. Without a stick or a ball each player must race from one side of the pitch to the other. The bulldogs must tag a player on the shoulder to turn them into a bulldog too. The last player to be tagged is the champion.
  2. Still no sticks. This time start with 2 bulldogs players must race across the pitch without being tagged. Every player that each bulldog tags has to join them by holding hands. Then working together they must tag the next player. The winning team is the line of bulldogs with the most players holding hands.
  3. Players have sticks and balls. The bulldogs (who only need their sticks) are trying to tackle as many players as possible. When a player gets tackled they become a bulldog too. The last player to be tackled is the champion.
  4. Start with equal numbers of bulldogs and players. Nobody swaps roles until the whistle blows. Instead every tackle is worth one point. The first time a bulldog tackles someone new it is worth two points. The first time a player makes it to the far side of the pitch is worth one point. The next time is worth two and then three and so on… If a player is tackled they score no points in that round but can collect a new ball and race again.


  1. Keep mobile
  2. Close down the distance to the dribbler quickly.
  3. Two hands on your stick


  1. Move fast
  2. Change direction
  3. The ball and stick are in contact, ready to change direction
  4. Scan – look ahead to avoid danger and find space to run into.
  1. Start again once everyone is done
  1. Bulldogs have balls as well
  2. Bulldogs have to pass them to a designated space
  3. Increase/decrease number of bulldogs or attackers