Ball Thief #9

Objective – Collect the most balls


Round 1

  1. Place all balls in the middle of the pitch.
  2. When the whistle goes players have to dash into the middle of the pitch and dribble one ball at a time back to their basket.
  3. The team with the most balls after 2 minutes is the winner.

Round 2

Each player to select a team member who can steal eggs from other teams.

Round 3

Ask each team to select a player who can tackle other players.

Round 4

Ask each team to select two players who can pass the ball as well as dribble it.

Give teams time to discuss tactics before each round.

For a bonus round tell one team in secret that orange balls are worth double points. See if any other teams catch on!

  1. How do your hold your stick to dribble at high speed?
  2. How does your hand positioning change if you are trying to dribble side to side or dodge past other players?
  3. Who looks like they are dribbling skilfully?
  4. What are tactics?
  5. How do tactics help your team?
  6. Why/how are you successful
  7. Look out for a body position with bent knees and straight back that allows a player to look carefully at the ball and quickly scan for opponents.

Collect and return all the balls

  1. They are only allowed 1 player to get the balls but they do not have to dribble back
  2. Timescale

Game #9 Eggs In A basket