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Ball carrying – with stopping and pushing

ObjectivesThe GameFocus onTransition/ResetProgression

Game Objective

  1. As a team to complete 4 runs (1 each) by dribbling ball between cones to partner at other end

Explicit Coaching Objectives

  1. 1 o’ clock carry
  2. Indian dribbling – move the ball left to right
  3. Pushing
  4. Stopping

Game makeup

  1. Relay race with a token defender to make it “feel” they are pursued
  2. 2 attackers at either end – 4 attackers
  3. 1 defender in the middle
  4. Relay race if standard is high enough
  5. 3 cone rows = 15 players
  6. Each row has 5 (2 attackers either end + 1 defender in middle)
  1. Ball starts with attacker
  2. They pass to defender
  3. Defender passes back (This creates stopping and pushing practice without being boring)
  4. Attacker then makes their run
  5. Defender shadows the runner up to cone 4
  6. At end of run attacker passes back to defender who passes to NEW attacker
  7. On we go
  8. At the end of 1 cycle (4 runs – 1 each) defender is swapped out and game starts again


  1. Winner is team who wins the gull runs

Focus points

  1. Ball carrying
  2. Stopping
  3. Pushing


  1. On completion of 4 runs one attacker replaces defender and they go again


  1. Forehand only
  2. Reverse stick only
  3. One handed
  4. Close up cones
  5. Reduce players
  6. Defender becomes active