Am I resilient?

6 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Mental Toughness:

1. Who are you when times are tough?
This question measures your adaptability and grit. In challenging moments, your ability to stay resilient and maintain a positive attitude reveals true mental toughness.

2. What does it take to break you?
Understanding your breaking point identifies your capacity for grit and endurance.
It is a great reflection point on where you need support and where you can grow.
It blends self-awareness, resilience, and positive perseverance into one thought.

3. What’s your identity outside of the results you’re looking for?
This probes the depth of your self-awareness and the positivity in your self-concept, which are key to mental toughness.
Knowing who you are beyond your achievements highlights your adaptability in various life scenarios.

4. How do I respond to mistakes or “failures”?
Your response to setbacks tests your growth-mindset and adaptability.
A positive, constructive reaction indicates a high level of mental toughness.
This growth-mindset is essential for growth and learning.

5. How aware am I of myself, my circumstances, and my environment?
Emotional intelligence and self-awareness are critical for mental toughness.
It involves understanding your own emotions and reactions, as well as being adaptable and positive in changing environments.
This improves your decision making.

6. Am I willing to go all-in and be wrong?
This question tackles your commitment regardless of the outcome.
It demonstrates your willingness to take risks in the face of embarrassment and uncertainty.
It’s a testament to your mental toughness and your adaptability in the face of uncertainty.

Below is a model for Mental toughness

Dos and Don’ts