6v4 Order on Possession #1

Objective – Re-organising on acquiring posession – composure

  1. 1/8th of a pitch with 6 zones
  2. 6v4 – attacking overload
  3. Blues must have a player in each zone
  4. Reds can go anywhere
  5. No of passes = no of points
  6. If blues lose ball then they have to “press after loss” to win the ball back
  7. Once blues regain possession they need to get into their zones and they can start scoring again
  8. After 4 mins swop teams and restart scoring
    1. SPEED of reaction
    2. Communicate
    3. Run off the ball/play the angles
    4. Pressure on the ball
    5. Low and mobile body position / good footwork


    1. Defensive/Defensive transition
      1. Press after Loss
      2. Double team
      3. Triangle defense
    2. Attacking/Attacking transition
      1. Stick to stick
      2. Play the angles
      3. Open vision
      4. Order through possession

    1. Coach sends new ball in

    1. Increase/Reduce size of box to add ease or difficulty
    2. Each team gets a fixed number of balls – pressure not to be wasteful
    3. Different points if they pass the ball from end to end (Encouraging high play)