4v4v4 Possession with Guard/Width

Objective – Use width and height to keep possession

  1. Game is a 4v4v4 possession – 3 teams
  2. 1/8th of pitch
  3. 1 team plays outside the square and their players can run up and down the sides
  4. 2 teams in square have to pass to each other and KEEP the ball
  5. Each set of 5 passes is a “goal”

The objective is to motivate the team in possession to use the outside players for support – encouraging space

    1. Move the ball FAST
    2. Use the width, or height as spare player
    3. Run off the ball
        1. If ball is lost then team outside replace “losing team
      1. 5 balls each time – how many passes can they get before losing the ball over the side (encourages repossession)
      2. 3 secs between passes – encourages speed
      3. Extra point if they use the width more than 5 times


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