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4v4+2 Possession Practice

Objective – teach overloads

  1. The aim is to generate overloads by using the 2 overload players
  2. 1 defender and 1 attacker is locked into each of the quarters
  3. There are two neutral players to create an overload advantage this makes the game a 6v4 but in zones
  4. The aim is to constantly move the ball to create overloads and stay in possession.
  5. Goals are awarded by passing successfully


Players should move continually to offer a pass.

Support – “What is my next action

The player who passes the ball must continue to support the play and create 2v1s to stay on the ball.

  1. Get a new ball from the side
  1. Quick passesPlay with limited touches 1-2-3
  2. How many passes in x secs



4v4+2 Possession Practice