4v2 transition rondo

Objective – pass through the line and teaching transition on possession 


The aim is to score by passing the ball through the central location to the other side and then score. This is to promote the habit of transitioning into attack when winning the ball.

  1. 3 teams of 4
  2. One team on each side as well as a defending team
  3. The aim is to transition the ball from 1 box to the other through the central area
  4. There is a screening (defender) player in the central area who can block passes and win possession for their team
  5. A player from your team can move into the central area to help with the through pass

On winning possession the defending team should look to attack a goal and score.

Coach manages rotations between defenders and attackers

  1. Defenders swop with attackers who lost the ball
  2. Change every 5 rotations
  3. Time?

This is about possession (for the attackers) and defensive transition for the defenders

  1. Receive to play forward into the new rondo
  2. Bounce the ball back for someone else to play forward
  3. Move to create a passing lane for the ball to go forward
  1. Std rules
  1. Each team gets 5 balls so they are not wasted
  2. Speed to goal to force intensity
  3. Time