4 goal width

Objective – Develop transfers & width

  1. 4v4,5v5,6v6 etc
  2. 1/4 pitch in either direction
  3. 4 goals – each team is allocated 2 opposing goals to either defend or score in
  4. Normal hockey

Low pivot

Often in younger players the pivot stands too high – if that happens then:

  1. place a arbitrary line on the pitch and force that player to stay “south” of that line
  2. in addition you can set a rule that “receive from right pass left and vice versa”
  1. Moving the ball to maintain possession
  2. Draw defenders to open passing choices
  3. Explode and implode – attacking/Defending
  4. Fast hard accurate passing over distance
    Wide based receive
  5. Easy passes to open space
    The Slap Hit
  1. Normal Hockey
  1. 5 balls each to see who gets the most goals
  2. Limit time on ball
  3. Zone the pitch to start?
  4. Limit types of passes