4 box channelling

Objective – Channelling to the corners – OUT OF TROUBLE

  1. 2 teams 5v5 (6v6 depending on pitch space)
  2. Continuous game with subs
  3. Defending players aim is to channel the ball out of the danger areas – each time they force the attacker into a box they get a point (5 points = a goal)
  4. Attackers is to score
  5. IF an attacker rolls out and does not pass in 5 (?) secs then they lose the ball
  6. Defender is NOT allowed to tackle unless 100% sure of possession (if they tackle and get eliminated they lose a goal)


  1. Pressure on the ball
  3. Force the attacker out of the central lanes – sideline or corners
  4. Force a ball handling error


  1. Move the ball to space as soon as you win it
  2. Fast reactions
  3. Play high fast
    1. Std hockey rules with sidelines etc
    1. 5 balls each to encourage retention
    2. Add a magic player who plays for the possessing side
    3. Try having two corners for each team- this should encourage the defending team to force their opponents away from these corners, like they might try and defend the circle or a line to goal in a match.
    4. Tell each team (secretly) that one corner is worth more points and see if the other team notice
    5. Place a bib next to a corner for a powerplay point. Move this during the 5 minutes to challenge players to keep looking around the square.