3v3v3v3 one touch goals

  1. 3 or 4 teams of players 3-4 per group
  2. 1/4 pitch seperate into 2 goal areas and halfway line
  3. 3v3 start and try and score as quick as poss
  4. Coach throws balls in EXCEPT when goal is scored
  5. When a goal is scored…
    1. Losing team leave the pitch
    2. Next team enter the pitch with a new ball
  6. If ball leaves pitch at any time then coach/goalie throws new ball in
  7. Goals scored in normal way but:
    1. Goal can be scored from anywhere with push (1 goal)
    2. Hit in their own half (1 goal)
    3. Deflection in own half (2 goals)
    4. Small circle (3 goals)
  1. Speed of scoring
  2. Different techniques
  3. Explode/implode
  4. QUICK Overloads on changeover from teams
  1. Goal or off the pitch then reset with ball from coach or goalie
  1. Mark your goal with sideline cones so attacking team have overload briefly
  2. Limited number of balls so can establish winners
  3. Time to score
  4. Timed games so can maximise goals