3v3 Invite pressure to create high space

Objective – Create space behind by inviting pressure

  1. 3v3 with each team having a half
  2. One team starts with the ball and passes around – each time they do 3 passes the other team sends a player in
  3. Once all the opposing players are in your box then you are allowed to break out and score on the other side
  4. If the defenders win possession then they take the ball back into their side and look to drag blue in – and repeat the process


  1. Pressure on the ball
  2. Counter cover 
  3. Channel
  4. Pressure and wait for a mistake
  5. Do not “over tackle”


  1. Move the defenders
  2. Look for eliminations and angles
  3. Break out fast when opportunity arises
  1. Team that does NOT transgress starts new attack from back line
  1. Add more defenders and attackers
  2. Time to score
  3. Increase/decrease number of passes
  4. Change the size of the pitch and make longer or fatter or shorter etc