3v3 (+2) – 15 Minutes

Objective – teach transfers through the midfield

  1. Look to use your 6 to penetrate the attack
  2. 3v3 trying to score normally
  3. Over back line start from keeper
  4. Sideline coach throws ball in
  5. Point for a bounce pass
  6. Points for combining with both players

Even better if:

  1. Deep Block – Look to receive in front and turn to face up
  2. Dropping in the space to turn out run behind
    1. Start high to drop at angle
    2. Different angles of positioning (High and Low)
    3. 3rd Man Runs Trigger: when ball is played to a wide area and passing lane to the (6) is achievable

    Start from the keeper

    • 6’s can drop in the square to make 3vs2

    3v3 (+2) - 15 Minutes