3V1 recycled recovery

Objective – Recover from a mistake

  1. 2 recovering defenders in corner- one with ball
  2. Another defender further up the pitch
  3. 3 attackers wherever they want in pitch but with one directly in front of goal just outside D
  4. The defender passes to attacker who looks to score
  5. The recovering defenders have to go and help ultimately ending up with a 3v3

Start game again but going the other way


  1. Recover quickly
  2. Communication as to who is going where
  3. Single defender has to delay and channel


  1. Move ball fast
  2. Drag defender wide so you can use overloads
  3. Possession – do not waste

Over the side or over the back start with free hit from back or side – if pitch is v small then coach passes ball in

  1. Each group gets 5 balls and see who wins
  2. Time to score
  3. No of defenders in D when scoring is deducted from your goals