3v1 or 2 – gauntlet

Objective – Patience and overloads

  1. Create a 3 or 4 zoned area (size based on age)
  2. 1st defender passes to attackers who now attempt to get from area 1 to area 3 without losing the ball
  3. Each box is a 3v1 and the defenders are not allowed out of their zone
  4. The defender passes to any of the 3 attackers who then go on to take on a 3 vs 1 in each section. 

Option 2

  1. Make each zone discrete and have defending areas and do 3v2
  1. Offer up options
  2. Leading hi, wide and low
  3. Left foot pass
  1. Start again by coach passing the ball in
  1. Defender to jump back so a 3vs1 becomes a 3vs2 then a 3vs3
  2. Reduce size of boxes
  3. 1 touch or 2 touch or 3 touches
  4. Minimum number of passes before can proceed


Whilst different numbers this video gives a good idea of how it works

3v1 - gauntlet