3 team possession

  1. 3 teams (ideally 3 or 4 peeps to a team)
  2. Team 1 on outside of the box ready to assist or be an outlet
  3. Teams 2+3 try to keep possession of the ball.
  4. They can use the team on the outside to help them keep possession.
  5. Whenever the team on the outside receives the ball they must return it to the same team 
  6. Outside players stay out but can move anywhere around the outside ready for receipt
  7. Score number of successful passes
  1. Attackers
    1. Explode on transition
    2. Face the pitch with open body read to pass
    3. Clear your marker and be ready for pass
    4. Take first touch to space – T&S
  2. Defenders
    1. Implode on transition
    2. Deny space
    3. Look for interception
    4. Mark
  1. Point for 5 passes after 15 points change teams around
  2. Point for using outlets
  1. Increase the complexity of the pass coming into the box (bounce, angles, etc)
  2. Increase speed of pass
  3. Outside players move forcing inside player to prescan
  4. Fixed no of balls to generate pressure

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